Cognitive System Theory and Natural Knowledge: Workshop 18-20 Jan 2008

Seminar/Workshop: COGNITIVE SYSTEM THEORY & NATURAL KNOWLEDGE Organiser: Peter Burton [

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Location: Academie Cusanus, Bressanone/SudTyrol, Italy [

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Time: 18-20 January 2008

Participants: 30-40 maximum.

Proposed Interest Groups: Artificial Cognitive Systems Network (euCognition)

26th European Workshop Cognitive Neuropsychology Researchers in Cognitive Theory and/or Natural Knowledge

Proposed Schedule and Topics:

18 Jan 2008: 5pm 'Human Cognition' P. Burton 19 Jan 2008: 2pm 'Coherent' Brain Activity & Learning 4pm Nature & 'Structure' of the Mind 20 Jan 2008: 10am Consciousness: 'Mysteries' and their Cognitive Resolution 2pm 'Natural' Knowledge

Working Sessions: Each of the four 2hr working sessions will lead with a 30 minute 'position paper', followed by extensive discussion, structured around 3-5 presentations on previously nominated aspects of the theme, to cover: Cognitive theory (where applicable) what needs to be understood Philosophical Issues "" what has been problematic Neuroscience/Imaging "" ways into the problem Psychology/Neuropsychology "" relevant experimental data Cognitive Science "" computational models Artificial Cognitive Systems "" towards a 'virtual mind'

Call for Papers/Invitation/Solicitation: Please feel free to respond with nominations/suggestions regarding participation, presentation, contribution and discussion leaders: the shape & coherence of the sessions will depend on them. Please give the workshop due consideration.

Outcomes: In each working session, the meeting will target an explicit scientific specification of a future research agenda designed to address key priority discovery/resolution issues.

Peter G Burton PhD

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