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Hello, I've already succeeded in using the PC joystick port for input. Works great, but I've outgrown it. Is there a good source (price and selection) of I/O boards/modules for PCs? Initially, I need a device where I can control 12 outputs (open/closed), and have 16 inputs (open/closed). Nothing too fancy yet. With an I/O controller in the PC (ISA, PCI, ...) obviously, I will have quite the ribbon cable to my project. Is there some sort of I/O module that connects to the serial port of a PC?

-with thanks, Mike

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Mike Scott
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Take a look at Boondog [

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] I have used the 8255 PC Interface card. 24 binary I/O ports. May need two for your application.


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Jim Hewitt

There is one which connects to the parallel port. The Velleman K8000.

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support from k8000 owners
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It has 16 Open/Close channels. So you would need two of these K8000's.

Maybe the K8000 is to much for you. It also has 9 Digital to Analog channels. And 4 Analog to Digital channels. Bit expencive if you do not need them. :-) Costs about 100 euro per K8000. And you have to build it yourself.

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