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What is the preferred device programmer used by those who build robots for a hobby?

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.


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Probably the one that programs your favorite microcontroller that has the onboard flash. Unless you have a special requirement for a general purpose programmer for stand-along flash chips, EPROMs, etc. that one programmer will probably be sufficient.

If you DO want or need recommendation for a more general purpose device, I've been using Needham's programmers for several years and have been pretty happy with them.

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Rich Webb


You can get ICSP programmers for around $USD 10 with free software at

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I just bought one for PICmicro and AVR, you can use a breadboard and a simple circuit to program a large range of fast, powerful chips.



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=D9=8CAVR. The AVR is powerfull not only for simple projects & so easy to use. If you are a beginer you can use BASCOM as compiler with a so easy grammer (similar to Basic)

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