Drill through bearing in wheel ?

This looks like the perfect wheel for a motor I am using that has a 3/8" diameter shaft -- except for the bearings! Has anyone used a wheel such as these but drilled through the bearing to add a set screw so the motor can power the wheel directly ? Or would attaching a pulley be a better solution (in your opinions ) ?


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Thanks ! JCD

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Drilling out a bearing mounted in plastic is sort of non-sensical; what you really have to do is machine away whatever plastic is retaining the bearing, which is probably not much, then just pull out the bearing. I can't speak for the details of that particular unit but in the past I've bought similar wheels (from grizzly, fwiw) where the roller bearing would slide right out. In any case I can't imagine that for $5.20 they've equipped that with any sort of bearing that can withstand axial force....


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Well, that makes sense now that you have said it!

Thanks for the tip on Grizzly. I just went to their web site and it looks promising ! Thanks again - JCD

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