What grease to use on forklift axle/wheel bearing

I received all the brake parts that I need to fix the brakes on the
outdoor Cat forklift. I just wanted to ask what is the proper grease
to use around the Timken wheel bearing. Thanks.
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Any good wheel bearing grease should be fine, it's not like it's a high speed bearing. I'd go with a good synthetic grease personally, I've had great luck with all the Mobil 1 products over the years.
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Pete C.
whatever wally world has on sale...
What did you find on the side shift?
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Karl Townsend
You really need to find a service manual for that CAT, Ig. It'll answer all those questions you've posed and more. Doesn't CAT have those (service or owner's manuals) online? Is it a real CAT or a Mitsubishi/CAT lift?
In any case, it'll be a high-pressure wheel bearing grease.
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Larry Jaques
I like "Mobil I" products also. In some instances it's overkill and expensive but it's my standard and in critical applications it shines.
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Tom Gardner
Either a black or blue Lithium High Pressure grease should work - the blue stuff is more waterproof for boats. But that's only an educated guess.
Get hold of the Service Manual for the forklift. It will have all that information in the Maintenance section, and a whole lot more.
Even shows the entire repair process broken down into steps, so you don't have mystery parts left over when you're done.
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Bruce L. Bergman (munged human

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