For those who have BOE-BOT Kit

I have the BOE-BOT Full Kit and was following the manual up to the point where I can move the robot around and beep a sound. Wow! This is really great! I am a software developer but I have zero background on electronic stuff, this is the first time I program a 'real' thing and I think it is wonderful.

(Note to those who have the same kit: Be careful when you are handling the metal base, it doesn't look sharp, but when I was trying to put the rubber rings into the metal holes, I cut several areas of my hand. The various edges of the metal base are sharper than they look.)

However, I have some questions:

1.) I want to install the LED before the Whiskers. However, the manual instruction of installing the LED is based on the Whiskers. Can someone provide me an instruction on how to install and program the LED without the Whiskers?

2.) I found myself often need to plug/unplug the power cord to the board. Is there a way I can connect a switch to the board so that powering on/off could be simplier?

3.) Are there anyway to remote control the robot? Such as, call a specific block of code from my computer via the connected cable?

3.) Are there any ways to use Object-Oriented Code in robot programming?

4.) Can I use a computer chips to replace the microcontroller?

5.) The board comes with a 9V battary attacher where I can plug a 9V battary in. What is the difference between using a 9V and the 1.5V X

4 battary set?

6.) The manual recommend not to use 1.2 V rechargable batteries, I just want to know why.

7.) If fit, can I took parts out of a electronic device and plug it into the board and make it work?

Thanks for reading this. Happy Robotic!


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I'm probably not the best person to answer your questions, because I'm new to this as well, But I will tell you what I can. If I am wrong hopefully someone more knowledgeable will correct me:-)

Sorry I can't help with this one. I'm building a different bot. A Hexapod

You should be able to mount a switch on the chassis.

Yes, Use a serial servo controller. but this will require a re-write of the bot's code.

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is a link to Parallax's serial servo controller.

Check out the Oopic

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it sounds like what you are asking for. I stayed away from the stamp because I heard they are limited in what they can do and how slow they are. I'm learning on the Atmel Avr's. they are much more powerful and alot cheaper then a stamp. They can be programmed in Basic, C, or Assembly.

I'm sure you could, But it would require all the accessories of a computer, use more power and be much larger and heavier.

3 volts :-)

The stamp has a built in voltage regulator. It uses a little voltage itself. so the input is higher then the regulated output. Look for a schematic of your stamp and find the regulator it uses. then look up the specs on the regulator, it will explain better then I can.

Lower voltage

Can you be more specific?

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