FS: Large Robot Base

1 Aluminum frame
4 10" pneumatic tires w/#25 42 tooth sprockets
2 E&J RAE Wheelchair motors w/#25 16 tooth sprockets
4 #25 21 tooth sprockets
4 #25 42 tooth sprockets
2 Solutions-Cubed Icon H-Bridges w/interface boards
1 Solutions Cubed Icon Serial Adapter
1 homemade dual serial adapter (to run 2 Icons from a single serial port)
1 Pentium 266 PC-104 SBC Development kit
1 250MB Flash Drive (preloaded w/white dwarf linux and sample c program)
2 12V 17Ah Gel cell batteries
See photos at
formatting link
(caution: large image
(I am currently having problems with my home page. If the images aren't
there, email me at protaganistusATyahooDOTcom and I will send them to you)
I have decided to stick with the smaller robots, and would like to see this
go to a good home. I am currently running this 2wd but the sprockets are
already on the wheels for 4wd. I weigh over 200lbs and this thing carried me
up a moderately sloped driveway! It could easily be geared up for more
speed, but it travels at about a walking speed now (and barely slows when I
climb on). The frame is welded from 2" aluminum square tube with a 1/16" Al
bottom riveted on. The axles are 3/4" turned down to 5/8" for the wheels at
the ends.
I got the motors on Ebay a couple of weeks ago. They are Everest & Jennings
RAE wheelchair motors. They pull 2A each at no load and under heavy load
(trying to stop the wheels with my hands) they pulled about 15A before my
power supply overloaded. If you are interested I can measure the stall
torque. Motors like these sell for $180 each as surplus. These are in great
The PC-104 SBC is a P5e from AMPRO and I spent numerous hours finding a
distribution of Linux that would install on the Flash Drive. The development
kit includes a case, power supply, connectors, and backplane for standard
ISA cards (needed for the video card, but run w/o video on the bot). The
computer is set up to be run through a monitor and keyboard, or remove them
(still boots fine!) and you can log in as root through a serial terminal! I
have installed GCC so you do not need another PC for editing and compiling
the program. I have also written a c-language program to exercise the Icon
H-bridges . I have sold the development kit on Ebay for ~$250. The H-bridges
are worth $350 if bought separately(see
formatting link
for specs.)
The batteries are from an old UPS and will add to the shipping costs. I
would recommend getting new ones and not shipping these, but if you want
them they are yours.
I am asking $750 for the whole lot. If I don't get an offer here I will list
the parts separately on Ebay. Please feel free to email me with questions.
Jeff Kroll
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Jeff Kroll
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