Hi Group, I just implemented the interface from the CMUcam V1 and V2

Hi Group, I just implemented the interface from the CMUcam V1 and V2 cameras to 'Pods. I implemented every function in the manuals, but wonder if the full set is a waste. Of those using the CMUcam's what functions do you find yourselves using the most? Comments?

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Randy M. Dumse
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Forgive me for being anxious, but isn't anyone in the group using the CMUcam in robotics and care to talk about it?

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I'd love to talk to you about it, but I only got my first CMUcam the other day and I haven't had a chance to play with it other than hook it up using the Java application that came with it to verify that it did indeed appear to work. I got the CMUcam2 because it said it does edge detection and other filtering. I bought it mainly to play with; I don't have a particular project in mind, but am sort've leaning toward using it on my 4wd rover as a means of object detection:

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Of course that depends on how well it works. I just don't have much experience with it currently, though.


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Brian Dean

I got a V1 a couple years ago, and about the same, just used the Java to see if I could see. I went as far then to get a couple little commands working via the serial interface, then set it asside for more pressing matters.

Probably the neatest thing about the CAM is the demo where it uses a servo to track a color it is shown. However, there's nothing in the manual about how to hook the CAM to the servo. No detailed picture of how they did it. (Opening picture next to servo. Next picture camera on servo, servo horn not visibe, nothing in camera mouning hole... hum... can you say bubblegum? I dunno.)

So far my best experience with the V1 was to take a white LED and the Java interface, set the color requirements for 235 min 245 max on each channel, and watch the serial stream, to see the MM report had Mx and My information I could tell where I was holding the LED.

Th V2 is a much larger board, and they've added a frame buffer. I saw the edge differing commands too, but don't have a grasp on how they work.

I can't say the documentation does a very good job at explaining the features they have. Think I must have read it most of the way through about six times before I could piece together what was what. Maybe it's just an impedence mismatch between those who wrote and me who read. Anyway, I had most of the user interface written before I started to figure out what the commands were for.

Nifty pics.

Those orange cones around ought to be easy to track the the cam. Depending on lighting.

The two most obvious things to try to me seem to be line following, and color following. I wonder if it wouldn't be a way to track a MiniSumo opponent... but without a solid background behind the ring... the process seem problematic.

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Randy M. Dumse

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