how can i made car robot

i want to made car robot but i can't access the breaks in car and my sensor is not power ful so which type of sensor i can use for it

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On Feb 27, 3:40 am, bvm wrote:

centrifugal clutch , with a high stall speed
so motor can continue to drive the
other accessories .
A small solenoid can lower stall speed
so you can accelerate more slowly .
The solenoid can even rotate with the
clucth ,( as Airconditioner clutches do .)
Its bad idea to power all your stuff with
just a battery . So keep the motor running
and generating electricity .
Im playing with BW , CDD 300K-Pixel cameras . They are analog , so i'll put comparators on each scan line , and differentiate the scan line , looking for edges . MCU will send a charge to a small cap , on the comparators "Vref" input . This allows the image to be "preprocessed" so the MCU wont need to do as much work .
I expect several microseconds response time . Many people do it all in s/w and find its far too slow !
You must allow the comparators to make a value judgement about a sharp image , as it moves about .
Next problem with cameras is shake .
I will use a front surface mirror , and move it will solenoids , in a jerky fashion . Somewhere in the sum of the 2 motions Camera/mirror , there will be a place where an image will be clear , in spite of very high camera movement .
Camera is a low cost . It has a adjustable integrating period , which acts as a shutter and an iris , if there is blurr , MCU , sends a command to shorten the integration period . This also lowers the light reaching the CCD .
The big excitement is the software . Ever since mcu's dropped in $$ , and up'd the perf' 500% , ive been , hopping for a spare monent to create an 8KB OpSystem for the ARM 144 pin CPU . Now i have a pile of hardware of all sorts EVB's to NDS Lites .
The instruction set is nice , only the T.I. 430 has a better one . But it has other draw backs .
You can buy an ARM7 with 64KB or 98KB of high speed built in SRAM and it has power lower than any external SRAM ! This makes it 10 times faster than a Z80 or MicroChip or Rabbit or ....
So ! Join the project ! Buy a 65KB SRAM ARM from / . click ARM , BOARDS , ARM7 ..... I dont work for them , i bought from , and got ripped , i bought 2 GP2X's and got ripped ...
Microcontrollershop is the only name left on my approved buyers list !
I emailed , 4 times , but they dont answer , they dont want my business. I had trouble with , they have bad policy , so i bougt form GP2Xstore ..
They dont care about keepping customers only about getting govt subsidies ..
BTW , i think i can do a parallel port on a NoteBook computer , simply decoding the parallel at the USB MassStorage box . If i send a copy to USB-HDD no harm , the file just gets rewritten , but my logic chips will decode and grab it as data , sending it to my ARM project mcu . I will not need to send data opposite direction , cause what can you say to M$ WXP ?!!
I'll instead store on SD card .
Ah ! What would Robots be without computers !!
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