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Anyone got any experience with infrared remote control? I need a circuit which will enable me to remote control 4 functions on a "robot". For my purposes, a "function" is being able to switch a DC motor one way, stop it or switch it the other way. I need to do this with four motors. Other people might define this as 12 "functions" !!!

I have seen IR tx/rx units which have 5 "bits" of control. Using a binary system, this ought to give 32 "functions", but I am not sure how this could be implemented.

Anyone able to give me any clues?



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Grab a receiver module, salvaged or new. They're fairly available, for example at All Electronics at 2 for US$1

or lots of other places including

(but nothing found at Maplin?!)

Most receivers will work with most remotes, as they typically operate somewhere around about 38 KHz. For the best range and reliability you'll want to match the modulation frequency of the remote to the receiver's bandpass, of course, but if you're within a couple of KHz (36 - 40) you should still get a signal.

Then... look under the sofa cushions for the remote control that went with the VCR deck that died four years ago. Clean out the gunk from the dead battery ooze and plop in new batteries.

Next, decide which twelve distinct codes you want to use, plus one for an emergency stop. Feed a microcontroller with the output from the receiver module and sprinkle with a little bit of code and you're done!

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Rich Webb

Well thanks Rich. Sounds easy! Apart from the Microcontroller/little bit of code part!

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Hi Rich,

Looks like someone has already done all the hard work for me!

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Just what I need!


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Parallax has an inexpensive IR remote study pack that includes a programming book, universal remote control, and the electronics to receive/decode the IR. It's written for the BASIC Stamp, but if you have a different controller you could revise the code, as they provide some decent how-to.

It's up to you how you define your functions. If pressing "1" on the remote stops four motors, you code it that way. If pressing "2" starts three of the motors while the other whistles Dixie, well, you can do that to. It's all in software.

Look for "IR Remote Parts Kit" on their site. You can download the text, or buy it as a printed book if you prefer.


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Gordon McComb

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