Loctite Disolver ?

Today I almost destroyed a nice stepper motor trying to remove a gear - only
to realize that it had some form of Loctite on it because I noticed a pink
powder like residue on the shaft and the bore of the gear. Is there a
Loctite Disolver sort of solution out there ?
Thanks !
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I think there be many forms of loctite based on different chemicals, which might cause problems finding a solvent. I scoured the internet for a while but kept getting cross-linked to "loctite rust dissolver" which was annoying! What you need to do is find out what solvent / most/ loctite products are based on and have a go with that, i think loctite provide material datasheets which might start you off?
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If it's the threadlocker family of Loctite then (from their literature) "no threadlocker is completely permanent; standard hand tools remove even the highest - strength threadlockers following direct exposure to heat (450°F to 500°F) for about five minutes."
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Rich Webb

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