Microcontroller programmable in C - 32kb flash at least

Hi guys, my name's Francesco.
First of all... sorry for my english, it's not my native language.
I've never written on this forum, I hope it's the right one.
I'm working on a project at home during spare time.
The project involves the movement of 2 steppers (through 2 h-bridges)
depending on a specific logic.
At the moment I've been using an Arduino Diecimila. It has a proper I/
O pins number, but only 14kb
of usable memory for storing the program... It has been fine till the
memory ran out.
I'd like to know if some of you can suggest me another
programmable using the C or C++ language, quite economic, with at
least 32 kb for storing
programs and with at least 16 pins for I/O. (Let me be more clear...
an Arduino with 32kb for storing the program would have been fine...
but it does't exist)
Thank you very much!!!
Francesco Vitale
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Francesco M.P. Vitale
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You are doing fine. :-)
Been there and done that. ;-)
I used to do allot of PIC programming, but I wanted something faster that I could program in C. I started playing with NXP ARM7 boards last year and I really like the architecture; JTAG debugging is really convenient too.
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is a good place to look at some dev boards. Take a look at this:
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It costs about 23 Euros.
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Anthony Fremont
Both of these sites have a pretty good selection of moderate cost boards. Netburner stuff tends to be more network centric (as you might expect) and Newmicros has a nice collection of boards from some pretty simple 8 bit processors up to some pretty seriouse 32 bit processors.
I am kind of partial to the Freescale processors, I have worked with the ARM architectures through the years and don't care for them much.
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Good Luck! BobH
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According to the Arduino website they use the ATmega which is an Atmel AVR.
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You may find an answer on AVR Freaks
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'm thinking maybe there is a user project to add memory?
Sorry I can't be of more help.
Andy Gaffney
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Andy Gaffney
adafruit has Arduino-bootloader 2x upgrade chip (Atmega328) listed as in-stock.
A preprogrammed Atmega328 chip: More than TWICE the flash memory for your sketches (30K available instead of 14K), TWICE the RAM (2K instead of 1K)...
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Francesco, et al,
The ARM processors are certainly powerful and well supported. (Also suggest you take a look at the STM32 {esp. cortex} chips as well as the NXP ones.) However, if you only need a little bit more compute power -- and want to stick with the arduino software setup, consider the arduino variant called sanguino; it uses an atmega644P. See:
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The sanguino has 64K of code space and 4K of RAM (and a second UART.) FYI, it was designed for a project that is using three stepper motors. So, you may find some of the related hardware and software of use to you. See:
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for more info. I'm not formally associated with the group that developed this, just a user who has had good luck with it.
Larry Pfeffer
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