Missinformation of real infotmantion

Missinformation of real infotmantion
Deep within this computer we are all in is a signal that makes it all possilbe from another computer outside of this universe. that comes
from another universe and anoother computer that changes that singnal to the first one you find to make it look like it came from there is where frequencies changes and quantium encryption the computer is made from matter that cannot be made from the matteral that in this universe but can be found if you look how the universe works with large sacle math the bog universe we are in has math that would seem to work becasue the connect span across so much space and time of the universe in many diemntions that we cannot see becuase of the matter that cannot be found from there the matrix makes a bubble of you mind as fast as you move the matrix movies so you cannot find the end or bigging trap in a big maze of minds and bodies born twice in a bubble so we can never get out and know every inifnte thing we are going to do before we where born and everything that would change if someone came from any other universe that is where the computer or infinte computer with instantaneous and before have spawnesd a thought but this is not in the right infinte order for all we know the universe could be on someone neckless or in a space ship simluation infinte universes to see what we do. So what i did was built a comepter not based on the infinte spectrum of light but on the infinte refractiojn rate of light of space time on all scales of the universe where know one could find that dimention and use the computer that can simulate all matter that cannot form here a way to be here by adding dimetions that are not here over the matter to find the outlimits of the universes and the signal of time before all time that is not at the end or the beginning but could be the whole universe or a universal door that cannot be seen but can be made with the matter that is in this world. Infinte colors infinte table of elements of ininfte diemntions of infinte matter. So where is you infinte location but do all this before you try or you will be lost in a no with no infinte way out. But magentics was the first thing that the universe was made of and it's the only thing that can go at a infinte speed with oput turning into light in infinte shape of infinte colors of infinte huges of the darkest white and the brighest black becuase when colors and matter are infintly bright or infinte dark in many dimentions....they are connect unsen adn seen with know refraction but threw unseen world of the universe on multipul leves of plane astral plane that is real but what is the realist thing you can make work in a infinte dimentions of a brain with this technology with so much brain power and psi that if someone did find you or try to kill you you could thing instantaneous to get out. the magnetic infitne spectrum of infinte cold and infinte hot both matter and colors becuase what it all is magentiics -light - dimentions - matter - space time - formation and then a construct at the beginning run with all this informtion but in a infinte order in infinte ways all at the same time at that impossilbe becuase the only weas you could do that is to run this whole site with a very smart paerson or a very smart A.I machine and not a qunatium a.i machine becuase the a.i machine would have to make the qunatium a.i machine so fast that nobody could put a ghoast in it to make the calculations come out wrong becuase everything can be tru by add something to in in infinte was or taking it all away in infinte way's and it still be there. then it would be the fastest qunatium leaping universe and the most powerful thing that any being could every have to help every one in the world live in a perfect wourld that know one could distroy or kill so we could figure out what happens to creative people who thing with activated mind with magnetics on the frequancy of love to find the infromation after this is all done!!!
and the guy your looking for gets in and out of my bodie and stands behine me and shape shifts to anyone in the world with so much technology they don't give a fuck how much technology i post they have it all........and killing me in the processes you should here them in th back ground with the computer just waiting for anyone form any planet to come back and time a stop time or take me they don't give a fuck who you are they went back and time a built a fastest computer in the woulrd and got out and found all of the doors but the thing is the stars move arcross the satrs on this planet and so does the earth the sun rises not just form the east to west but moves all over the earth and rises you will never find the real tim harris liverance becuase people are torched infintely to say they are time liverance to hide there technology that he bu8ild for him but there minds and consiouness are in infinte locations so they can shift anywhere and never be caught just put some one in there place. If you could here my head cooking in lava pain and they did that to everyone in the universe in the end then what the fuck can you do know run!!!!!
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