Newbie controller question

I am new to this hobby and was wondering what would be the best micro
controller to buy and from where (I am in canada).
I am planning to have a walking (on wheels), talking robot with some
ethernet capabilities. I would prefer to program in either C or
Visual Basic.
Here is the list that I am looking at but am not sure which is the
best option.
- Zilog z8 development kit
- oopic processor
- handy board.
It doesn't have to be one from this list. Is there a site which lists
all the processor with pros and cons of each?
Your opinions are greatly appreciated.
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'd probably go a different way myself, but these as a pair should do plenty.
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jim dorey
Visual Basic only runs on PC's, right? There are no PC's on your list. There are C compilers for Z8 and HC11's (handy board). Neither the OOPic or the handy board can do easy Ethernet capabilities.
That's good, because your list of requirements and the listed boards are mutually exclusive.
I'd recommend you think of two processors. Pick a good one for walking or wheeling. Pick an embeddable PC for talking and ethernet (like MiniITX), and let them talk.
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Randy M. Dumse
"The Artist Formerly Known as Kap'n Salty"
So you are saying Visual Basic and the BasicX BX24 are very similar? I find that hard to believe.
You know, I started programming in Basic in 1973. I think it was invented in 1971. I like it so much (not really) I turned away from it in 1980, and didn't look back.
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Randy M. Dumse
You can go to NetMedia and check the docs. Obviously there is nothing GUI-related, but the basic syntax is close enough that any VB-programmer would be pretty comfortable with the BX-24. I believe the syntax is closer to the older version (VB6?).
I'm no VB fan either, although the old BASIC was actually my first language as well, but in the /late/ 70s (which makes you a bit more of a geezer than me).
The VB bit was actually my biggest complaint about the BX-24 -- I would have liked to see support for more than one higher-level language. The developers felt, though, that given their available resources, they'd get more marketshare if they supported VB, which for all its faults is one of the most widely used PLs on the planet.
Other than that, the BX-24 is a great alternative to the STAMP.
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The Artist Formerly Known as K
have a read through:
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you a rundown on pic and avr micros. there is also a pdf explanation about micros from Motorola that could be useful for any beginner.
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Don McKenzie
Wow... I clicked on the link because of the title, thinking maybe someone had invented a device that could control newbies, and I thought, "what a great idea!" You can imagine my disappointment...
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