Newbie - where to get robot parts?

I want to make a "robot" for an industrial application. I need two things:

  • X-Y-Z table & motor controller

  • Device that will accurately close in on a small object (1/4" dia.) from 4 sides

What are good sources for this type of stuff?

Thx Scott Kelley

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Scott Kelley
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Gordon McComb's book "Robot Builder's Sourcebook" has 100s or 1000s of resources categorized and itemized for you! Well worth the money if you're willing to buy a book as one of your tools.

Also, do a search in eBay and Google on CNC --- you should find 1000's of items that will give you some good ideas at a minimum and probably even find some parts to buy.

There also 2 other newsgroups that might be helpful to you: metalworking: rec.crafts.metalworking CNC: alt.machines.cnc

Hope that helps ! JCD

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This is less of a "robot" and more of a traditional factory automation table. There are literally dozens oc companies that provide this for industry. For example, hit the Linear Motion link on the Bosch Rexroth site

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Some outfits make units that are more or less ready to go. Check out
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for starters.

Finally, check out GlobalSpec for a generic resource on companies that make automation equipment.

-- Gordon

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Gordon McComb

--Another group to check out: alt.machines.cnc Although primarily concerned with metal cutting machines you can find a pile of other info there. For me, if I wanted to make the sort of thing you're doing I think I'd start with a cnc retrofit kit for a Sherline lathe, a small, tabletop-sized machine that many people use to get started in all things machine shop.

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