I have a pile (serveral boxes, maybe 20 screens in all) of some old
OMRON LCD touchscreens. They are pretty nice, about 2" x 5", model no.
NT20S-161B and NT20S-121B.
They both use some sort of hardware protocol that described in the docs
as NT or Host protocol... (There is apparently a RS-232C serial version
of these LCDs, the NT20S-128, which, alas, I do not have.) No further
information is given concerning this protocol.
I've taken one apart and it looks like there is a sandwich of 3 boards;
the topmost being the communications stuff, the second most is possibly
some sort of intelligent controller w/ memory, and the third is attached
to the LCD itself. The chips on this last board are Epson and Omron.
The LCDs are date stamped 1997. They boot up, backlights come on, and
display a "Waiting for Host Communication" message....
Anyone know anything about these? Any way I can use them for anything?
I even have a project in mind; just so happens that my microwave at home
is dying; I think a kitchen computer, using an LCD touchscreen, and
built into a microwave cabinet would be very cool..... Sort of like
I've also got OMRON CPU PLC boxes, power supplies, and some other odds and
ends. I guess that if I can't use the LCDs directly, I could try to
program the PLCs to run the LCDs... But again, I have no docs for any of
this stuff other than what I can find on the web.
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