opinions on automotive power window motors ?

Anyone used automotive power window motors with success ?
Also, I noticed this phrase on a catalog listing for one --- what does it
mean ?
Mount 3 bolt on 80mm B.C.
The rest of the listing is below, for reference:
Permanent magnet right angle gearmotor. Designed as automotive power window
motor. High output torque for many DC applications.
a.. RPM 150 at 12 VDC no load
b.. Voltage 12 DC
c.. Amps 3-1/2 no load
d.. Reversible
e.. Duty continuous
a.. Left hand shaft viewed from motor
a.. Shaft 9 mm x 1-1/4"
a.. Mount 3 bolt on 80mm B.C.
a.. Size 7-1/2" x 2" x 3-3/4"
a.. Shpg. 2-1/2 lbs.
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Honestly...they're crap for robotics. Power hungry, EMI noisy, and seldom provide the same torque/speed in both CW and CCW rotations. Use your money for a power chair motor, if you are interested in the torque.
Of course, power window and windshield wiper motors are fairly cheap; power chair motors go for a lot more. But if you can find a local repair shop for wheelchairs you might be able to get a better deal than what you'll find on the Web.
formatting link
is a pretty good source for both kinds.
Three bolts on the bottom of an 80mm case flange or face, perhaps?
-- Gordon
pogo wrote:
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Gordon McComb
Thanks for the info. Burden's( thanks to MetalHead for that tip!) is where I got the data listed below. I went there looking for wheels and discovered the window motors for cheap price, which led to my post here.
Thanks again !
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Mount 3 bolt on 80mm B.C Probably means mount uses 3 bolts for mounting on 80mm Bolt Centers.
pogo wrote:
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B.C. means "Between Centres". I'd imagine the holes are at the corners of an 80mm triangle. And, yes I _did_ spell it right ;-) Phil
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Phil Kempster
You Da Man! Thanks!
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with pittman, maxon, and other high quality motors available at ~10% of retail prices via various swap meets, ebay, etc. i don't know why so many robotics hobbyists insist on using such crap. i guess they're more rabid about being "hobbyists" than i am.
in any case, you'll want to measure before you drill your holes. the last time i read something like that on a motor datasheet it actually meant 3 bolts 120 degrees apart on an 80mm diameter circle, *not* 80mm between centers.
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For me, I like to know I can get spare parts at reasonable prices. Getting one-off motors at a swap meet scares me a bit. I know it is irrational, but hey, people believe in "Intelligent Design" too.
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