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Does anyone know where i can get Pic Basic?

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Robert Trenchard
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Interesting... The next time I geyt some free time I will do a comparison between XCSB and BasicX.

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Guy Macon

Search google for "pic basic" and you will find many BASIC compilers for the PIC.

Beware Parallax (the makers of the BasicStamp) are moving away from the original Pic Basic towards a more structured BASIC. If your intention is to develop a program using a stamp and then migrate the code to a PIC using a Pic Basic compiler such as PicBasic Pro you may have compatibility issues.

XCSB is a structured PIC BASIC that produces highly optimised code on a par with very expensive high end C compilers and far superior to some of the low end C compilers. The LITE edition of XCSB for the PIC is available FREE for personal non-commercial use from

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Regards Sergio Masci

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Sergio Masci

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