Polaroid SX-70 Sonar

Hello everybody,
For a school project, I'm building a robot, wich must be able to
detect obstacles. For that purpose, I've arranged 5 polaroid camera's
with sonar ranging modules inside it. There are a lot of tutorials at
the internet, describing how to use the sonar. The only problem is,
that the modules used for the tutorials aren't the same as the ones I
have. I have got the Polaroid SX-70 version 2 camera's.
I've made pictures of the module, and I hope somebody can tell me how
to connect the boards to my computer.
You can download them from
formatting link

I hope someone can help me, because the project has to be finished in
a couple of weeks, and I can't find a way out?
Thank you in advance!
Eelco van de Wiel
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LOL! What the hell is that? I've never seen such a thing, but hopefully someone else does. =)
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Anders Nelson
I have a 21 page manual on a Polaroid Sonar module that looks identical to the board in the pictures you posted.
Email me and I'll send them. I found them on the net somewhere a few years back.
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AT hotmail DOT com
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Rich J.

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