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Hey guys,

I'm going to be leaving the country soon and I wanted to stock up on good kits that have everything in the box. I don't care all that much what it does, just that it's intermediate level and will make some good soldering practice and maybe even Micro controller programming. It would be great if it's under 100 dollars, and looks pretty decently cool. :) I've been recommend the AVR Butterfly, and I think I'm going to get that.....but it doesn't require any soldering so I'm looking for some other ones too.

Any advice would be appreciated.

~The Anomaly

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The AVR does require soldering if you want to do anything with it other than play with the built-in program. At a minimum, you need to solder on some wires to add the programming port. You may also want to solder on wires for the additional data ports.

-- Gordon

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Gordon McComb

--I'm thinking that, with legislation that prohibits sale of so many things we liked to play with you might actually find a better selection of kits overseas!

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If you do not mind soldering work. You may want to look for the some thing like this

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It has basic stuff to bring up AVR. You need to add peripheral connections per needed. Perhaps adding generic mail headers for all I/O pins then you get a generic board to work any projects.

- Pandit

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