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Well at work we just go a new sign in board, it uses Magnets about the
size of a nickel. So I want something a little more elaborate then
just a run of the mill magnet. So I was hoping to create a miniature
remote controlled light switch. My initial idea is to glue a watch
battery to a magnet and fine a tiny remote receiver a put a red a
green LED in there. The other reason for doing this is the board is on
the other side of the office and I leave out the back so I would never
go by the board and therefor I would forget to change my magnet to
'out', that and I am kinda a nerd but mostly the forgetful thing. My
other down fall is that the company I would for is all about
cleanliness and what not so it would have to look nice. So I am
thinking a black box 2"x1"x1/2". So if anyone have any ideas on what
parts to use or something else I could use that would be great.
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--Howzabout using something like this:
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--Got to see the circuit board last night at a Make event; very nicely done.
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I am having trouble finding a small remotely operated switch. What would work best you be a three way switch; red, green, or off. All I seem to find is remote 110 AC and all I need is just a little DC. So if anyone can steer me in the right direction that would be great! Thanks.
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