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Okay, confession time: I picked up a cheap V1 Robosapien to hack around with on Ebay. It's actually fine, except that the power switch has failed mechanically. But repeated Googling found me nothing on the power switch, its wiring, or where I could buy spares (the information is probably out there, but I'm just not hitting the right search word combo). No big deal, I decided -- it wasn't difficult to chop the switch out, reverse-engineer it, and... get interrupted for a couple months, before I soldered the new switch in place. After which, I can't find my reverse-engineered wiring diagram, *or* the original switch. D'oh! It's nothing terribly complex -- the original was just a DPDT latching PB with a bit of PCB cross-connection that I could duplicate easily with a bit of wire. Unfortunately, I don't remember the setup quite well enough to wing it, and I don't feel like experimenting until I stumble over the right combination. Just to ice the cake, there are two wires of the same color, and (IIRC) the same PCB label, but AFAICT were completely separate electrically -- that made no sense, especially given how well-organized the RoboSapien appears to be, overall. So now I'm doing what I should have done the first time 'round, and hitting up C.R.M. groupmind: anyone know where I could find a fully-detailed wiring diagram of the RS's power switch circuit?

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David McMillan
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Hi David,

here's a picture of the inside of my RSV1 that shows the power switch PCB somewhat clearly, I hope. I did some modifications, among others on the two yellow wires going to the speaker, but the wires to the power switch PCB, and the power switch PCB itself are still original:

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I think you should be able to figure it out from here - if not, please post specific questions, I can do some simple measurements (voltages, open/close contacts of the switch) and/or take additional pictures.

Good luck!


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Peter Baltus

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