robot bump switchs

I am making my first robot and I want to design some bump switches on the
front. I am using a basic stamp for my microcontroller. And would like to
ask would it be better to use a pull-up or pull down resistor configuration.
Or does it even matter.
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Well, I'm no expert but AFAIK it really makes little difference in this instance.
Pullup or pulldown comes down to which is more convenient when laying out the PCB. Usually for bump switches I use pullup resistors, but for a keypad I use pulldown resistors.
I understand current drain through a STAMP input is very low (at low frequencies) because they're high impedance so whether it's drawn high or low by a resistor makes no difference.
The only real difference is to your coding. When using a pullup resistor, you test for a logic low and vice versa. Why not breadboard the different configurations to try them out?
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Tim Polmear

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