"The Living Brain" By William Grey Walter

How much is one expected to pay for a first edition copy of this (Assuming that there were other editions) complete with slightly-torn paper cover and a page torn from the

25th July 1953 edition of "The New Statesman and Nation" reviewing the book?

My local bookseller wants £30. I thought that a tenth of this would be reasonable.

My reason for wanting a copy of it is that I read it originally in the mid 60's when first becoming interested in Cybernetics.

(I still have my copy of Guilbaud's "What is Cybernetics?" that I purchased in 1967)

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Airy R Bean
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I guess at that bookstore one is expected to pay £30.

Either he thinks that price is reasonable or doesn't really want to sell it.

Be thankful it's not an old Comic Book.


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Rufus V. Smith

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