The robot race I am in.

Hi, I am Team Leader of Team AV ANDREA MORGAN. Autonomous Vehicle Andrea Morgan is a converted sand rail which is very light and fast. The vehicle is named after an avid off road racer who works as a parks ranger in Baker CA.

I have entered robot racing, to save soldiers lives, and need your help.

For the past 18 months I have been spending every dollar I have, salvaging every bit of scrap I can find, and working a second shift as a volunteer to design and build an autopilot that the Defense Department desperately needs for military cargo trucks - and it is not enough. As you probably know building the first of any kind of new equipment is a very expensive task and is beyond my personal resources.

You are the people in the field of robotics and have the connections. I need your help to find the money, manpower and materials that I need to outfit three vehicles for the March 2005 field test. The test is going to be in the form of a race with several designs competing against each other over a difficult 300-mile desert course.

An autopilot capable of driving a cargo truck safely will deliver the needed supplies without putting a driver at risk. The risks that military truck drivers take was brought home to the people of West Virginia by one of their own becoming the most famous POW of the Iraq war - and barely surviving her injuries.

Autopilots like this could also be used on agricultural equipment and eventually may make traffic accidents a thing of the past.

My progress so far can be seen at

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Paul F. Grayson - Chief Engineer


1892 Pinewood Ave.

Traverse City, MI 49684

(231) 946-0187 5 pm to 11:30 pm Eastern time

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AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL MAGIC, LLC is an all-volunteer organization formed to develop three driverless vehicles for the race to save soldiers lives.

Send a self addressed stamped envelope for a free bumper sticker printed for us by Mod-Zel Screen Printing.

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