Using Laptop as PIC

I am very sorry if this has been asked recently, but I am on dial-up and it
has been downloading old posts for 4 hours now.
Can someone give me a link or suggestions on using an old laptop as the PIC?
My robot is fairly large so there are no issues with weight or size.
Again I am sorry if this is a redundant post, but google just came up with
some projects with no details.
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By "PIC" I assume you mean the microcontroller. A PIC can do many things that your laptop cannot - PWMs, servo control, sensor interface, etc. The laptop can do many things that a PIC cannot - number crunching, easy user interface, etc. You will most likely use a combination of the two, not one or the other.
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Bennet Williams
FYI, "downloading old posts" is not the best way to access usenet archives. Try
formatting link
It has a complete, searchable archive of nearly all groups, past and present.
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John Vannoy

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