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hi, i'm a high school student at the moment, and i think that robotics is something that i'd really like to get into. I've discovered BEAM style robotics, but those will only entertain me for so long, what kinds of books and materials do i need for getting into the more advanced designs?

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Spencer Thompson
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You might start with my my book, Robot Builder's Sourcebook. It covers a lot of ground, including BEAM, plus many other types of robotics. It's a big book -- over 700 "phonebook-size" pages, and contains over 2,500 resources, with additional "mini-chapters" and short articles.

-- Gordon Robots for Less at Budget Robotics:

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Robot Builder's Sourcebook & Robot Builder's Bonanza

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Gordon McComb

Spencer, go down to your local Barnes+Noble store and look in the technology section. They should have 12 to 15 books there about personal robotics. Several you will find are authored by people who inhabit this forum - like Gordon McComb and Dennis CLark.

- dan michaels

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dan michaels

I concur. I have several books from Gordon McComb and Dennis Clark. All of these are full of very useful information to the new robot builder and are easy to read.


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Bennet Williams

You can go to

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to take a look. They have different robotic kits for beginners to advanced users. Those kits allow you to program the robot using VB and VC++ on PC.

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