whats going to happen if i use this code

I am still fairly new to programing and i have a few ir rangers that i want to use on my robot. I have hooked one of them up to the OOpic's regulated supply voltage and i would like to know in advance if this program could tell the servo's to move in two directions at once and possibly screw them up

' This program reads the Sharp GP2D12 sensor ' It demonstrates the use of an oA2D object ' and an oDio1 object.

'this is an expiremental program that uses a singel ir ranger ' to make the 'robot turn left when it reaches something, i hope it works '------------------------------------ Dim irf1 as new oA2D

Dim S1 As New oServo Dim S2 As New oServo Dim CenterPos As New oByte Dim x as New oWord Dim y as New oWord

'----------------------------------------------------- Sub Main() OOPic.Node = 1 CenterPos = 31 Call Setup Do S1 = CenterPos S2 = CenterPos

Call GoRight y = 100 Call Delay

Call GoForward y = 100 Call Delay

Call GoLeft y = 100 Call Delay


do if irf1.value > 100 then Call GoReverse else

end if loop

End Sub

Sub Setup()

S1.Ioline = 3 S1.Operate = cvTrue S1.Center = CenterPos

S2.Ioline = 12 S2.Center = CenterPos S2.Operate = cvTrue S2.InvertOut = cvTrue

Oopic.ExtVRef=0 irf1.ioline=8 irf1.operate=cvtrue

End Sub '--------------------------------------- -----------

Sub Delay() For x = 1 To y:Next x End Sub

Sub GoForward() S1 = 0 S2 = 0 End Sub

Sub GoReverse() S1 = 53 S2 = 53 y = 100 Call Delay End Sub

Sub GoRight() S1 = 53 S2 = 0 End Sub

Sub GoLeft() S1 = 0 S2 = 53 End Sub

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by the way the ir sensors are sharp gp2d12 and the servos are modified

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