Why dont Robots use energy storage ?

Robots might use servo motors or even solenoids , but there
is a much better way , but it is not easy to empliment ,
mechanically .
Your old VW had a Beilstein jack .
Using springs and the above method to quickly
lock movement , in a robot , can be impressive .
We have all seen the Honda robot . Maybe they use
this methodology , i dont know .
very large solenoids and very fast locking , can
give very fast and accurate response .
Solenoids must be driven with efficient "buck"
regulators . They are oscillating types ,
the bipolar transistor is driven by the same coil
that it is driving .
They approach 95% eff '
They can deliver a 25 amp pulse in microseconds
You could create PWM , with them .
They are so fast , if an arm had such a drive ,
you could maybe teach your robot to "box"
( as a pugilist .)
The springs are what improve the efficiency .
if you had no springs to store this quick energy ,
then you circuit must waste energy "controlling"
Common buck regulators , waste drive to the
bipolar transistor , but my circuit adds another
winding to drive the base of B' T' .
The free running freq is above 400 Khz .
This means , when you enable it , the B' T'
turns on very fast and then saturates the core
and shuts down , but it starts up again , since its
an oscillator .
The simple control pulls the coil to ground
and "sets" the output DC voltage .
This circuit is far simpler and safer than even
the LM494 used in IBM PC pow supplies ,
because it saturates the ferrite core .
But there is no future for the old
non-saturating core , I.C. controlled ,
pow supplies .
even in Flour' lites , they dumped
the controller I.C. and instead osc' it
and saturate the core .
Emmiter is output , so the base drive coil ,
can fully saturate the B'T' , wastes less heat ..
If you try to store energy in air , you will
waste too much heat .
Springs work well , dont get hot .
The next problem is , compound eyes .
I remember seeing a I.C. that had a array
a hole cut in the top of an early DRAM memory .
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[Snipped alot of stuff about various mechanical kinetics]
Soon there will come a time when we will all have to review our general understanding about energy.
Batteries for example don`t store energy, but chemical reactions. Springs don`t (as such either), the metal molecules are only attempting to locate to their preferred positions.
What we are actually attempting to do is transfer these abnormalities into something which we can use. A really clever Robot could lift several times its own weight by utilising levers around it for example, or even power itself by manually (and far more laboriously than a Human would want to endeavour) seperate Chemical components for futher reactions...
...although your question has grammatical loops, it could be phrased more acutely!
------------------------------------------------------- Ashley Clarke -------------------------------------------------------
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Ashley Clarke
____________________________________ I am an engineer , i make stuff happen , so i dont need to
"learn nor "understand" about energy " as you are clearly struggling to do . I dont teach , nor talk about , i do . I dont need to translate stuff to my left brain to teach others . I just do , i make it work better than other people .
My purpose is to "spark" others , not to teach .
Is that what you thought this NG is for ? To be acute , or accurate or proceedural or "popular" ?
Batteries for example don`t store energy
I understand your problem , you cant do stuff , so you gotta redefine words and books , so you can get some Luddite / Liberal credit , but still not "do" it .
You can't do anything .. What a sad life .
I have invented much new stuff , its a real thrill , to know the world has very high demand for what i do ..
im old , but when i was young , i grabbed all the new , in hi demand stuff and put it my head . Every one of those improvements was "regulated" by the US Government . Take the stupid telephone wires goin to our houses . Do you know that govt has held us in the dark ages for 40 years !! We should have trashed those 3khz wires 40 years ago , but for the Government forcing us to stay behind ....
Our government attacks inventors , with patents ! Inventors want to get their stuff into the hands of 100's of millions of consumers , but the G' stops them !! We would have had CATV in all homes in 1970 !! Thus killing the advertizing "lobby"/
PAC . No commercials ,
just great media , you get what you pay for .
In fact the cable hanging on the poles in Corona De Tucson , rotted for 14 years because the govt regulated that company to NOT transmit its rightful "business" to those customers !
14 years .... Crooks ..... Sell-outs , just like you ..
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Actually, the Honda robots don't use mechanical energy storage in their drive system.
There are robots that do; look up "flexible robotics" and read Raibert's "Legged Robots that Balance". Considerable work has been done on mechanical energy storage, mostly at MIT, McGill, and to some extent at Stanford. Read up on the history of legged running robots.
John Nagle
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John Nagle
CAUTION: werty is a troll, he has infected the .arm and .forth groups, and now has his eyes on .robotics.misc. Best to just ignore his lunatic rantings, or simply kf him.
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> > CAUTION: werty is a troll, he has infected the .arm and .forth groups, > and now has his eyes on .robotics.misc. Best to just ignore his > lunatic rantings, or simply kf him.
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Ashley Clarke
Robots havent advanced , if they are to advance we will use energy conservation and short time storage , as i suggested in my first post .
My ppl have trouble , when they take their head out of a coll text book . All they can do is copy , and scream for credit , reading that book .
The first rule is compressed air is not workable , and spring over oil is not fast , it works fine at low speed .
Im working on software to nix C/C++ and Linux and all the other , bloat s/w .
Its so clean and structured , needs no manuals . You learn it from a non-text keyboard in minutes . Code is separate from data and interupts are always disabled and its multi-tasking kernel is tiny , and layered . It loads debugger/dis-assembler first , so there is never an excuse .
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The new Thomas Edison!
One more filter to my outlook...
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With a Screw or two loose too!
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Ashley Clarke
Possibly interestingly (or more likely probably not), I've just popped in to lurk, and I spotted the trollery in two posts. ;-)
But I'm an old USENET fart, so take that in perspective. ;-)
Cheers! Rich
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