Need help with Stepping motor :-)

I got a stepping motor and I need somme help to figure out wiring.
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gray to yellow 14 MegO
gray to blue 19 MegO
gray to white 19 MegO
gray to orange 14 MegO
green and black and red 2 Ohm between all of them.
I use some bipolar motor but this one I don't know ...
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A bipolar stepper would only have four wires. An 8-wire motor *could* be a unipolar stepper that does not use common tie-points for the coils. (In most unipolar steppers, there are two coils, and a center tap between each coil, for a total of six wires).
The rubber pinch roller suggests to me this isn't a stepper motor. If some machine designer is going to use a stepper motor, the most typical approach is direct drive of something -- they want to ensure whatever they are driving is being moved a certain number of revolutions. This isn't possible with a punch roller.
It could *still* be a stepper, but it's something to look into. Also, the results with the meter are inconclusive. I take it all other wire combinations showed an open circuit?
It's possible this is a DC motor with a tach or some other similar circuit.
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