your development board?

What kind of development board you are using in your robot? Arm?
embedded PC?
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why do you ask? different architectures will be better or worse depending upon what your goals are.
I've driven my EOD robot around with PPC, ARM, and most recently a fanless Pentium Celeron PC104+ stack. Had to go to the PC104+ stack to support integrated MPEG4 video and AC97 audio encoding. The RISC based machines, while extremely power efficient, wouldn't handle the extra processing load. Had a custom designed DSP board that previously handled the A/V functions but supporting it was a headache so I decided to integrate everything into a single PC104+ board stack.
I'd give my kingdom to be able to continue using a RISC architecture in my robot.
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Cool, i am trying the make a balloon, put a robot arm with a camera to it, and transfer back some image. PC104 is too expensive, it costs ms $700 USD in my country. So i want to use uCOS+Arm, but i afraid i am lack of driver. thanks
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