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DIY Robotics
Hi All To anyone interested in Robotics or Development, check out my blog Thanks New Article Lots of new Robotics Posts
6 years ago 2
What are the challenges while Testing a Robot?
I am a graduate student at UTA. Planning to do thesis related to testing of robots. Could anyone please let me know challenges in the industry while t esting robots. Building a test oracles and...
7 years ago 1
Rpbotics at the 2nd IEEE International Conference on Cybernetics
Robotics is one of the topic at the 2nd IEEE International Conference on Cybernetics, Gdynia, Poland, 24-26 June 2015:
7 years ago
Working with Continous Servo
Hi All, I am very new to electronics and Robots. I have been trying to run a continous servo motor 4v to 6v. I have a battery power source of 9v. I have the following question. Since my power source...
7 years ago 2
New to robotics. Need dead simple rotary servo and rotary knob remote/radio.
I'm trying to control an adjustment knob in another room. It's not a volume control on a stereo, but the aim is essentially the same as that application that I keep stumbling across on the web. This...
7 years ago 4
self replicating machines
Hi crm! Although I'm not sure how much sense it makes and how useful it might be, I find space colonization cool. I think, rather than building space ships and sending humans to space to build space...
7 years ago
Continous servo operation
I saw a video of an Eagle shaped RC airplane that had flapping wings. I would like to make something like it.
7 years ago
DEADLINE EXTENDED to Sep 1: 8th Int'l Conf. on Bio-inspired Information and Communications Technologies (BICT 2014, formerly BIONETICS)
CFP: 8th International Conference on Bio-inspired Information and Communica tions Technologies (BICT 2014, formerly BIONETICS) Paper submission deadline extended: September 1, 2014 December 1 (Mon) -...
7 years ago
CFP: BICT 2014 (formerly BIONETICS) Submission due: August 4
CFP: 8th International Conference on Bio-inspired Information and Communica tions Technologies (BICT 2014, formerly BIONETICS) December 1 (Mon) - December 3, 2014 (Wed) Boston, MA, USA In-corporation...
7 years ago
IF-free conception
Hi there, Amici (Friends). i'd like to invite you to benchmark sorting algo (). Thanks a lot in Advance.
7 years ago
Kinect Robot Navigation Contest at IROS 2014 - Entry Deadline June 15th
IROS 2014, Microsoft, and Adept MobileRobots are proud to announce the 2014 Kinect Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation Contest, to be held in the Exhib it Hall at IROS on September 18, 2014. This...
7 years ago
Vex IQ vs MindStorm ev3 suggestion for 8 year old (played Lego wedo for 1 year)
Hi, I have been looking to buy Robotics kit for my 8 year old son. He has been playing with Lego wedo for last one year and like the functionality (making robots functionality) part of it. He has been...
8 years ago
Getting 5 volts from an Android tablet micro USB
Hi group, I want to use the 5 volts from an Android micro usb for a single chip. I tried to hack a charger cable, but I can't get 5 volts off of it. I'm thinking it might have something to do with the...
8 years ago 7
How do i get the zumo robot with arduino leonardo on linux ARDUINO IDE to do anything...firstly, which board do i choose, i persume leonardo, but then ___ tnx Boris
8 years ago
Write a PLC program wich will test your reaction time against your opponent
The game will operate as follows. Each person will place their fingers on a push button NO The plc programm will start to run a timer after both people have pressed their buttons twice. A timer will...
8 years ago 3