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linear rc servo only in my imagination?
Not long ago(2 weeks)I saw for sale a grey servo for sale on some shopping site,it looked like an elongated rc servo encased in plastic,maybe produces a 100 to 200grams of push,under$30?,I would like...
8 years ago 2
K5 Autonomous Data Machine -- Robot Security Guard
The New York Times reports that the company Knightscope of Sunnyvale CA USA is creating a robot security guard called the K5 Autonomous Data Machine. Robots working as security guards will need a vast...
8 years ago
what type motor and microcontrollers can i use for wall climbing robors
hey i have to do a bot painting walls autonomously............ so what type motor and microcontrollers can i use for wall climbing???????????? climbing???????????? Forget about the electronics parts...
8 years ago 1
New to Robotics. Where should I start?
I'm a doctor of physics and program PC's. Currently I prefer Pascal. What I'm wanting to do is find a reasonably inexpensive motion control I/O card and learn how to use the PC to instruct and control...
8 years ago 12
Singularity: Semi-science-fiction robotic Strong AI book
Mentifex (q.v.) has just published an Amazon Kindle e-book about humanoid robots at science museums being taken over by Strong AI Minds secretly emerging in the world under extreme urgency to entrench...
8 years ago 1
Are all motors compatible with the NXT if you were to be using a breadboard?
I'm looking at getting the NXT because it seems like there are a lot of third party accessories for it and that the possibilities are endless. I still have a couple questions though. If i were to get...
8 years ago
rumble robots cards
are rumble robots cards worth any money and if so which ones are worth the most?
8 years ago
I have a signed, model 2 TOPO for sale. Needs battery & chrgr.
Great condition. Complete with RF transmitter, Manual and Software. TOPO II is a cool robot. Never heard of anyone selling a signed robot though? Signed by whom?
8 years ago 1
How do I prevent the robot from jiggling around?
I don't know what the proper technical term is, so I will call it "jiggle" for now. I am making a puppet that is using industrial servo motors. However, the motion is not as smooth as I would like....
8 years ago 6
64-bit Supercomputer Forth Chips for Strong AI
Imagine a four-core, 64-bit Forth AI CPU designed to run a not-quite-maspar but still somewhat parallel artificial intelligence in English or in German. Such a specialized, Strong AI Forth CPU could...
9 years ago 1
computer vision, opencv relating real world object size to image pixel size
My goal is to mount a web camera on a ground vehicle robot and have it recognize lanes and drive in between the lanes. In order to look for the appropriate size lines(lanes) in an image, I am trying...
9 years ago 2
Robot Sensorium Needed for AI Inference
Think of a robot as a body of input sensors and motor actuators in need of an AI Mind to coordinate its behavior with rational thought. The Mentifex AI Minds can now think logically in English or in...
9 years ago
Marriage is the union of a man and a robot.
Whereas the Supreme Court is deciding the nature of marriage and all interested parties should speak up now or forever hold their peace, rally 'round the flag, boys, for your right to marry your...
9 years ago 3
Cost of an articulated arm
I need to automate some tasks in a machine shop for which we are considerin g using an articulated arm. Its maximum payload (including gripper) will be 5 kg. I need a quick and dirty estimate of cost....
9 years ago 2
Piezo Motors
Hi Anyone using or can help with the use of the rotary piezo motors, small ones under 10mm dia. Thanks Charlie
9 years ago