Write a PLC program wich will test your reaction time against your opponent

The game will operate as follows.
Each person will place their fingers on a push button NO
The plc programm will start to run a timer after both people have pressed their
buttons twice.
A timer will start to time and after a set time a pilot lamp will light at with
time each
person has to press their button.
The person who presses their button first wins the game (one forneach player)
If a person presses their button before the lamp lights they automatically lose
the game and their
opponent wins.
A dedicated lamp will light to indicate wich person has won the game (one for
each player)
Create a tag in order to store winners time
Create another tag in order to store the fastest time ever
To reset the game a NC pushbutton has to be pressed
Thanks in advance for the help!
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This is a pretty low traffic group but you might try over in comp.arch.embedded for some advice. Be aware that most of the advice may be on the order of "Do your own homework," so be prepared to show what you've already written and where you're getting stuck.
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Rich Webb
Thanks man appreciate it!
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That was the first thing that came to my mind...
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Bill Gunshannon

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