linear rc servo only in my imagination?

Not long ago(2 weeks)I saw for sale a grey servo for sale on some shopping site,it looked like an elongated rc servo encased in plastic,maybe produces a

100 to 200grams of push,under$30?,I would like to use 2 as flap actuators,any thoughts?$
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Many years ago, linear RC servos were popular. Nowadays, nobody wants them.

I guess people started realizing that a linear servo will actually give you a non-linear response.

Also, they didn't wear well. After some use, they'd get sloppy.

Here's an example of what they'd typically look like:

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Robert Roland

Thanks,I found it at Hobbyking in retracts section as Turnigy linear actuator ,price was even cheaper@ $12.USD ,so wasn't crazy after all;)

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