29mm "HonestJohn" kit

Does anyone make a 29mm Honest John kit? I like the military style rockets and
will probably end up ordering the PML AAMRAM2 kit here shortly. I have the
plans to scratch build an Honest John so that is an option also (with LOC
but would have to get two nosecones and do some cutting to get the proper shape
and dimensions. Would much prefer a kit at this particular time. Any comments
or ideas welcome.
Tom B.
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has Honest John nose cones listed, but it looks like they're not quite yet available (coming soon?). They do their other nosecones in 2.56" & 3" among other sizes (either could work with 29mm-power). I just won (& already received!!) a very nice 3.9" Delta/Titan Style Nose Cone from them as part of a raffle win from that raffle associated with the Discovery Channel "Rocket Challenge" show. Other than that, I have no affiliation with RGM etc, etc. -- Richard "if Tom Ha won't give me directions to his new field, I wonder if he's trying to tell me something...." Hickok
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You can convert the Estes Honest John to 29mm and reinforce the fins with internal plywood spars.
Public Enemy has a nice 38mm HPR Honest John worth looking at but I do not believe it contains scale data or true correct scale detail.
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Jerry Irvine
My Estes 1/9 scale Honest John has a 29 mm motor mount. I added a scrap piece of plastic along the diamond in the fins when I built them, so they are more rigid. I also added a full length coupler to the BT-80 and a baffle system. Really nice flights on G33-5's and strong enough for H128's.
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John Stein
Looks like they got one here:
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Solomon Westerman
Thanks for all the replies - Hadn't really thought about upgrading an Estes kit but that would work quite well. Thanks Tom B.
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