AT M1419 Throat Length. Anyone Know?

Does anyone know the length of the throat in the nozzle on the Aerotech M1419?


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Tim Summers
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Tim, I have two 98mm "souvenir" nozzles (from M2400 and M2500 motors). Here are their dimensions:

Overall nozzle length 27/8" (Two and seven-eighths) Internal convergent component: 13/8" (45°?) (One and three-eighths) Straight component: 5/8" (Five-eighths) External divergent component: 7/8" (45°?) (Seven-eighths)

Hope that helps...

P.S. I added the parenthetical numbers because I wasn't sure if the special characters would display properly.

Tim Summers wrote:

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Gene Costanza

Drawings of the nozzles are on the RCS site:

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Kevin Patterson

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