I was 'snooping' around JIM Z's site last night looking for any mention of a CD-ROM of all the plans there. Seems like a year or two ago something was mentioned about one becoming available. I didn't find anything about it.

I couldn't find an email address on the site either- with either means there is none, or my search skills really suck.

Does anyone know if Jim ever got the CD out?

Thanks in advance.

-- Allan "RocKiteman" Gaines North Carolina, USA

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Here is the Email, it is a "button" you click at the top of the index page.

James Zalewski

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Oh, you mean the BIG YELLOW BUTTON that says EMAIL JIMZ ??!!

Like the saying goes, you gotta be 10% smarter than the equipment you're working with....


Thanks for the reply.

-Allan "RocKiteman" Gaines North Carolina, USA NAR 783651

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You could use a program called Websnake and make your own CD. I've done it, nothing against Jim Z but you never know when he'll take his site down.

Russ Russ Wizinsky

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Russ Wizinsky - ProfessorWiz

Jim works extremely hard at maintaining his first rate site and always has a lot of things & projects going on in the background. I think he only deserves compliments. It is free after all. If anyone thinks they can do better go ahead and jump in there and assist him.

Thanks JimZ ... I personally am grateful as hell! :-) P.S. If you are our in AZ anytime (jim) call me. 480-363-0048. I have some really great launch sites around Florence AZ.

Mike Burch

Apache Junction AZ

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Mike Burch

JimZ's site ROCKS

An AMAZING asset to the hobby and an AMAZING amount of work. I have done vaguely similar things in the past but never on the scale he has. I do not think even I could comprehend the VASTNESS of the insanely huge amount of work that is required for such an endeavor.

Hats off to you jimZ an amazing job that hopefully will stay around for a long long time.

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Chris Taylor Jr

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