DARE 2 Maryland/Delaware launch

The DARE 2 launch is fast approaching! DARE 2 will be held at the Rhodesdale, MD site on October 17-19 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). This is the big season opener for the "big field" flying for the Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association and we'd love to have a big crowd show up.

Registration will open each day at 9 AM and flying will begin as soon as someone brings up a rocket. The range will close at dusk or shortly before. All motors whether commercial or experimental are permitted. As always all ages and all levels of rocketry are welcome. The waiver was cheerfully renewed by the FAA and we have our usual 16,000 feet clearance. If you are not a member of MDRA all you have to do to fly is join. All rocket enthusiasts are welcome. HELP WITH SETUP Friday morning and take down on Sunday is needed. Please volunteer. We will need people to help with pad manager duties, RSO and occasionally LCO. Please help out.

The directions to the field and the general guidelines for MDRA launches can be found at

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Hotel info is also on that website.

More specifically there are a few simple guidelines for the Rhodesdale launch site:

1) Alcohol is not permitted at Rhodesdale for the simple reason that many of us are handling substances that are still considered to be low explosives and it is illegal to combine alcohol consumption with those activities.

2) No fireworks.

3) Everyone needs to be off the field by dark. This is the landowner's specific request.

4) AND THIS IS A BIG ONE: If you have a project that is using motors of any combination that total over 5000 NS you MUST email Norwood Truitt and let him know. The reasons are too numerous to mention, but suffice to say... that's the way it is. We want to be able to accommodate all flights. As of this morning there were 6 flights registered in this category. Norwood's email address is linked at the MDRA web site announcement

I have been told that no major crops are left in the field. There will be a small stand of soybeans near our entrance area so the entrance will be clearly marked. There will also be a stand of dead sunflowers behind us that must not be harmed. They aren't toys, they are an important part of the hunting activity on this land so let's leave them untouched. There will be a food vendor on site and of course "facilities". Largely from the success of DARE 1 the group running this launch was able to procure several launch rails and upgrade launch pads. Just this week a new away cell system was completed that allows up to 4 away cell pads at about 450' with the ability to go even farther out if necessary.

Please forward this to any groups or individuals you think ought to hear about the launch. See you there.

Ted Proseus

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Timothy Proseus
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assuming this includes motors that lost their certification, from B-14s, G 125s H220SS even :-) please let me know thanks, LeRoy Bonawitz

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He said all.

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Jerry Irvine

Yes, you can fly ANY motor you want including those out of certification.


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Rob Bazinet

Does it have a pointy end?

Does it have a (potentially) fiery end?

Did the RSO sign the card?

If you can answer yes to all the above, then you may fly it.


LeRoycom wrote:

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Ted Proseus

hey Ted, since when did MDRA tighten their rules? I was not aware a 'pointy' end was a requirement ;-)

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Dick Stafford

This should be in the FAQ.

This is the proper rules for a launch. Good job Ted and friends!


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Jerry Irvine

Ted Proseus wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@udel.edu:

Aw gee, no spool rockets?


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Leonard Fehskens

The airflow forms a virtual point. It is there fore pointy on a "dynamic basis".

Just tech Jerry

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Jerry Irvine

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