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Has anyone ever considered using the rechargeable Versapack batteries in rocketry? These are the ones that power B&D hand tools. They seem relatively compact, can apparently provide a bunch of current (They turn motors nicely) and are about as plentiful as flame posts on RMR.

They are not the lightest thing in the world, yet I can't help but think that they would be good for multiple motor air-starts and passibly upper stage clustering.

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Al Gloer
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Al, I have some setups that use NiCd cells simply because there was no other option. I think they are a pain in the butt and not really a workable solution if you can get a 9V in there. Its just one more thing you have to remember before flight day. Using 9V's you can even forget batteries and just pick some up on the way to the field. Unsure of the battery? Toss it out and put in a new 9V.

Seemed like a good idea, but the best part about using rechargable batteries is that they have the wires soldered on, them versapack thingies would need a connector.

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Too heavy and bulky for onboard use. A 9v(7.2 or 8.4v) radio battery makes more sense for flight packs.

I have rewireed one of the versa charger bases so that I can stick in 2 Versa batteries and have a 7.2v pack that I can connect to other devices. Never used it for rocket launching yet, but no reason it wouldn't work.

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