Big BP motors.....

What is/was the biggest professionally manufactured, commonly retailed BP
engine? I actually flew an FSI Mach One Dart, which used the F-100 booster
motor (with fins glued to the casing as per the directions), I forget the upper
stage motor. I don't know if it went supersonic, but it was a very calm day and
it was climbing very fast when I lost it - I found the rocket with it's 6 foot
streamer 2 days later on the way to work, about 2 miles away. Never found the
F-100 casing with fins.. I hear tell Centuri had some F's at one time. Is that
it for BP or were there bigger ones?
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John H. Smith
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Isn't there an H330 or so in the motor data files for WRASP?
-- Niall Oswald ========= UKRA 1345 L0 EARS 1151 MARS
"Gravity assisted pieces of the rocket raining from the sky should be avoided. It is also financially undesirable."
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Niall Oswald
Not commonly retailed. Rocketflite.
Commonly retailed FSI and Mini-Max.
FSI was by far the resounding long-term success story.
D20-10 I think.
No way.
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Jerry Irvine
The biggest BP motor I've seen is the cloud-seeding rocket motor produced by Ruggieri in France. It's a light J (can't find the specs at the moment) and somewhere around 2-1/2" diameter and around 20" long.
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Mike Dennett
Ray, It's my understanding that they hope to produce motors in the future. I believe they are moving to a facility where this would be possible. DR
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Darian Rachal
wow that would be cool.. back in Febraury a member of our club launched a RocketFlite H BP motor and it literally ROARED off the pad.....very impressive
shockie B)
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Another project was build a balsa glider from scratch using your own design. Well, I designed and built a glider with slightly swept back wings, about 3 foot wingspan, and the first flight went all the way across the field and landed gently on the grass. The aeronautic instructors jaw dropped and he said "Perfect flight, I want that plane". I received an hour of flight training in a cessna 150 for being the top student in class. This was when I was a 10th grader in high school. P.S. now that I think of it, I don't think the enerjet was a BP motor, that was almost 30 years ago. Dave B.
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centuri bought coaster corp and their e and f BLACK POWDER motors and renamed them mini-max.
centuri also bought rocket development corp. they redesigned and relabeled the rdc enerjet e and f POLYURETHANE composite motors.
fwiw ... i have original documentation and samples of these motors.
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You guys are breaking our tradition! Stop citing such accurate and historic information or some lurker may think that some people here are serious about rocketry! :-)>
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Tarnation Shockie !
Flying an un-certified motor at a club launch !
Will the humanity ever end ?
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