Cell phones as data link

Has anyone tried using a pair of cell phones as a data link to onboard
For example: connecting the output of a GPS receiver to the onboard cell
phone using
a RS232-to-phone cable and the other phone connected to a laptop. You
could even
establish a 2 way session by including a micro controller onboard.
Of course this assumes you can make a phone call...... (How about Black
Rich Kroboth
TRA#4148 L2
Metropolitan Rocketry Association (METRA)
Northern New Jersey Prefect #94
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rich kroboth
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IIRC the FCC frowns upon Cell phone calls aloft
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NASA Wallops has flown Globalstar satellite phones on balloons and rockets. I was part of an early study that showed they could be used on LEO satellites. Satellite, phone home!
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Dick Stafford

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