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> * CPSC Update
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Products Arriving Soon
> * How to Make Black Powder Rockets
> *
Help Wanted
> * Free Aluminum Flake and Potassium Nitrate
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> For the latest information on the continuing problems with the
> CPSC, the Firefox case, and the recent Department of Justice
> letters to former customers of Iowa Pyro and Pyrotek, please go to
> the Fireworks Foundation web site at
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> Let me remind everyone that winning the Firefox case is critical.
> If the Federal Government wins, the precedent set by the case
> would, without a doubt, result in the near total demise of amateur
> fireworks making in the United States. For that reason, please
> donate generously to the fund, which has been set up to help defray
> the legal expenses associated with the Firefox case. Any
> individual or organization can write a check in any amount they can
> afford to The Fireworks Foundation. Since the Fireworks Foundation
> is a 501.c (3) (non-profit Federal tax status), your contribution
> is tax deductible so long as you do not DIRECT the Foundation on
> how to use the monies. If you would like your donation to be tax-
> deductible, you may write on your check (in the memo section) "For
> the Chemical Defense Fund or other purposes as required." That way
> you are not strictly telling the Foundation how to use the money.
> If you don't care about tax deductibility, you can write (in the
> memo section) "For the Chemical Defense Fund" in which case the
> Foundation will be bound to use your money for that purpose.
> Checks should be payable to "The Fireworks Foundation," with "For
> the Chemical Defense Fund" written in the memo section, and mailed > to:
> Mike Swisher
> Treasurer-Fireworks Foundation
> 14511 Olinda Boulevard
> North Stillwater, MN 55082
> You may also make a donation at the Fireworks Foundation web site
> at
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You can use your credit
> card, electronic check, or PayPal.
> A request:
> Would you please send us a letter, telling us why you need us
> as a vendor of pyrotechnic supplies?
> Whether you are a hobbyist, an educational institution, a
> government customer, a business, or reseller we would like to hear
> from you. We intend to use these letters to make our case to the
> CPSC that there is a real need for pyro supplies vendors. If you
> can do it on your organization's letterhead, that would be great.
> If you are an individual, you can send us your letter in any form
> you want. Please tell us the impact on you if you could not get
> the chemicals/supplies you purchase from us.
> One final request: It would be a huge help to us here at
> Skylighter and at Firefox if you can refrain from calling us with
> your concerns and questions about the case and the Department of > Justice letters.
> The good folks at both Skylighter and Firefox have been swamped
> with calls and questions. We simply don't have the hours in the
> day to handle all of your calls about this case. I know, I know.
> Here I am asking you to give money, and on the other asking you not
> to talk to me about it. But, honestly, both companies are very
> small, and everybody here has about two jobs to do every day, even
> without the legal fight looming. If you have read this update and
> our previous newsletter on the topic, you now know as much about
> the case as we do. Believe me, we will continue to give you the
> very latest updates on the case as they happen.
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