Edrawings and Firefox

I've just re vamped the comapny website and put a load of edrawings up
for example (produced from SW2004) - they are saved as HTML and work
fine in IE6, but don't work in Firefox as far as I can tell.
I can't seem to find anything online about this and wondered if there
was a work around to allow them to be seen in Firefox/ Mozilla / Opera?
Many thanks
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Deri Jones
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The same problem exist with other browsers. There is only a edrawing plugin available for IE.
In the past I had already complained about this. Heve you tried there 3D contentcentral site with firefox. Doesn't work either. That was a few month ago.
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johnny geling
PIA - although most of my customers are on IE, a significant number are on Opera / Firefox etc or work on Linux. Ho hum, I guess I'll go and see what the PDF 3D content thing is all about, as hopefully that will be a bit more flexible and teel my clients to download "open in IE" for Firefox.... Thanks for the information and prompt replies Deri
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Deri Jones
Yep, you're SOL with that. One dimensional thinking (read, cheap) on their part.
BTW, there was a promise that eDrawings (which was demoed at SWW) would be available on the Mac,.. one of my Mac clients hoped to use.... frick, co'mon, beta use would have been fine but... noooooo... sit and wait...
Seems like another case of limited beta use by "special users" who know better??
Another reason eDrawings will loose. Sorry, imho, they're conservative, short sited, limited thinking,...
Side note:, even though Parasolid was ported to OS X, Mac users aren't going to see any parasolid support (especially NOT SolidWorks).
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Paul Salvador
One thing you may want to try is saving the model in VRML format. It's an open standard, and there are plugins available for lots of browsers that will allow viewing. You can even get a java applet that will view them, so as long as the browser supports java, they can see your file. It may not be quite what you want, but it's something. Here's a couple of java VRML viewers which you can try out (I've never tested either):
formatting link
Jonathan Anderson
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Jonathan Anderson
If you can find it, read Electronic Business, March 2005. There is a discussion about Intel. Look for the discussion of the worth of Intel's Brand Name and how they keep its value up. Intel might not be the only outfit using these practices.
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