FlisKits: ADV: New products!

A bit late, but i've been busy :)
FlisKits would like to announce the following new products (parts &
accessories) just recently announced:
2 new engine mount kits!
- Mini Deuce's Wild! EMK. Designed to take dual canted 13mm motors and
mounts in a BT-55 tube (EMK2-13-55C)
- Maxi Deuce's Wild! EMK. Designed to take dual canted 24mm motors and
mounts in a BT-70 tube (EMK2-24-70C)
- These two EMK's complement our EMK2-CL002 stock Deuce's Wild! Engine
Mount kit currently for sale.
2 New Nose Cones!
- NCB-55DW - Mini-Deuce cone!
- NCB-70DE - Maxi-Deuce cone!
4 new Adapters!
- TAB-5060-02 - Transition from BT-50 to BT-60, 2" tapper length
- TAB-5070-015 - Transition from BT-50 to BT-70, 1.5" tapper len
- TAB-5570-03 - Transition from BT-55 to BT-70, 3" tapper len
- TAB-6070-02 - Transition from BT-60 to BT-70, 2" tapper len.
More information can be found at:
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