ADV: FlisKits: New Product Announcements!

FlisKits is proud to announce several new products that have been long anticipated by many. All of these items are available for pre-order right now, and are expected to ship within the next 7-10 days:

First up is the Alien8 by Shrox! In an exclusive agreement, FlisKits will now produce the Alien8 kit designed by Shrox and formerlly offered by Shrox Industria. Several modifications were made to the kit, improving the quality as well as simplifying the assembly. A great addition to the FlisKits fleet of model rocket kits.

Next, 3 new Cluster Engine Mount Kits designed to fit the BT-80 body tube:

- EMK4-24-80 (four 24mm motors)

- EMK5-124-418-80 (one 24mm & four 18mm motors)

- EMK7-18-80 (seven 18mm motors)

Also, 4 Ejection Baffle Kits! Never use recovery wadding again! BAF-50 (for BT-50 models and stuffer tubes) BAF-55 (for BT-55) BAF-60 (for BT-60) BAF-70 (for BT-70)

And lastly, a replacement nose cone for the A.C.M.E. Spitfire kit: SP007-NC

Details can be found by visiting our web site at

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With the holidays coming, don't forget that we also offer gift certificates!

Happy flying, jim

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Jim Flis
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I built the Alien 8 from Shrox and put my own custom decals on it. It turned out so cool, my kid asked to keep it just to hang from his ceiling. :) Needles to say it's never been flown, but still gotten lots of oooo's and ahhh's from his friends :)

Really neat kit. Highly recommend it.


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Digger Thanks!


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UPDATE! The Alien8 kits are now shipping!

We have also confirmed that the materials for the other announced sub-assemblies (baffles and clusters) has shipped and we should be shipping those sub-assemblies later this week.


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Jim Flis

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