FlisKits: ADV: TARC engine mount special!

Since about the middle of summer we have received several requests from TARC team startups for a new engine mount kit. Specifically an EMK4-18-70 (e.g.: four 18mm motors in a BT-70). As it turns out, it seems that is the motor combination of choice among several TARC teams to satisfy the latest TARC challenge.

We assured these teams that, due to the number of requests received, that we would get that mount out in the November time-frame.

Well, we're Very close Close enough, in fact, that we will make the kit available right now for any registered TARC team. Further, this kit will be COMPLIMENTARY to the first 30 teams requesting it!

The reason that we aren't offering it on site at this time is because we haven't had the time to do up the instruction sheet. What we will do is provide a pdf version of instructions for a similar mount and the actual construction should be easy enough to figure out. Over the next couple of weeks we will have the actual instructions for that particular kit. The initial kits will simply be placed in a zip-loc bag and shipped out.

So if your TARC team is working on a design that would need such an engine mount and you want to get a jump on parts, please contact me for information on getting your free EMK4-18-70 engine mount kit!

Please send all requests to our sales department and be sure to include the following information:

- TARC number (required that you already be registered for this offer)

- Ship to address (required)

- Shipping method (parcel post is FREE, Priority mail would be $3 which can be paypaled to us)

- Image or sketch of your design that would use this mount (optional but strongly recommended. We want to be sure that you actually need this mount. If you have a single or dual 24mm design, for example, you really have no need for this kit)

- Team leader name (optional)

- Team Mentor name (optional)

After the first 30 (free) kits have been snatched up, our standard 20% TARC discount will apply for the purchase of this accessory.

The early bird gets the worm and the early team gets the mount

Good luck to ALL TARC teams!


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