ADV: FlisKits announces 3 new products!

FlisKits is proud to announce 3 new products to their growing line of exciting model rocket kits!

FlisKits is proud to announce the TRES model rocket kit! Featuring a triple canted motor cluster, this cousin to the famous Deuce's Wild! will certainly attract attention at your next launch!

You surprised them with the Deuce, now SHOCK them with the Tres!

FlisKits is also proud to announce the Long OverDue model rocket kit! Answering the requests of hundreds of customers to find a way to make the OverDue promotional kit available for retail sale, FlisKits introduces the "Stretch Limo" version of this most unique kit!

FlisKits is ALSO proud to announce the FlisFleet 2003 collection of model rocket kits! Featuring all seven kits introduced in calendar year 2003, this fleet includes the Drake, U.S.S. Grissom, Long OverDue, Tres, Nomad, Rhino and the ever popular A.C.M.E. Spitfire! All at a 10% discount over individual kit prices!

All of these new products are available NOW for Pre-Order!


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for full details!

NOTE: Please see the Pre-Ordering restrictions on our ORDERING page (The OverDue promotion does not apply on Pre-Orders)

Jim Flis

__________________ NAR: 35098

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Great work Jim.


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Thanks for posting actual rocket content. Buy his kits!

Yes that IS an endorsement.

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Jerry Irvine

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