ADV: FlisKits announces the FlisFleet 2005!

FlisKits is proud to announce that they have made their FlisFleet 2005 available in time for the holidays!

In keeping with our tradition of offering an annual fleet of model rocket kits at a 10% discount, the FlisFleet 2005 includes all of the kits that FlisKits has announced during the calendar year 2005.

The FlisFleet 2005 includes the following kits: Decaffeinator - 6+ foot foam cup behemouth! Espresso - mini foam cup rocket PayLord - triple 18mm cluster payload bird suitable for egg lofting! Rock Star - Sport model for the rock-n-roll in all of us! StarLoad - Triple 24mm cluster payload bird with a huge payload bay! Tri-Glide - Sport glider model with 3 foam gliders that act as fins during boost! UFFO - The Unidentified Flying Foam Object! The only foam cup saucer ever developed!

A 128.65 value for only $115.95!

Plus, if you order before 31-December-2005 you get FREE SHIPPING! (domestic orders)

For full details, follow this link:

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Would it be wrong to release paintballs at apogee in the PayLord or StarLoad?

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Pete Pemberton

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