FlisKits ADV: Earn $$ helping FlisKits grow!

FlisKits is working aggressively to earn greater market share in this exciting industry and you can help us do it!

We are calling this our "Retailer Pilot Program" and here is how you can earn FlisKits BucksTM while helping one of your favorite manufactures grow and expand.

We have always encouraged our customers to introduce their local hobby shops to our products and our company. Well, for the next 3 months we are putting our money where our mouth is, so to speak.

Basically, if you get your local hobby shop to join the FlisKits family of retailers by placing an order with us you will receive credit or FlisKits Bucks (eg: commission) equal to 5% of the shops initial order to FlisKits, with a minimum commission of $15 (equivalent to 5% of a $300 order). We have set a cap on the commission available for any one hobby shop to $100 (5% of a $2000 order)

Now, at the same time FlisKits will be aggressively contacting hobby shops around the country ourselves. If we happen to contact a shop that you have already contacted during the program time-frame, you will still receive the commission.

Now, what do you have to do to start earning these commissions? Simply follow these simple rules (all of this information will be posted and expounded on, on our web site shortly)

- Make initial contact with your hobby store between 1-January-2005 and

31-March-2005 and have them contact us at snipped-for-privacy@fliskits.com

- Do a good sell. If you can, show them our product in the package and/or built

- Tell them your opinion of our product, customer service and pricing

- If you have a catalog, please show this to them as well.

- Inform them that we have a company profile and retailer program for them to review that should answer any questions they may have about our product, company and program.

- Be sure to provide them with your name and ask them to mention you when they contact us. We (FlisKits) will make a point of asking if they were directed to us by a customer but you need to be sure they have your name in order to collect the commission.

- In the rare case where 2 or more of you have contacted the same hobby shop we will do our best to figure out who was first (we can only issue one commission per initial hobby shop order)

You know our product. You know how valuable it would be to your local hobby shop, to you and to your fellow modelers to get our product on their shelves. All you have to do is convince them that it is worth the trouble to contact us. We will do the selling at that point and you get the rewards.

We are working on growth this year and we want to share this growth with you as a thank you for helping us grow.

Please note:

- Hobby shops that already sell FlisKits products do not apply to this pilot program

- If you have contacted a hobby shop and they still don't sell our products, contact them again (please don't contact us to tell us that our newest retailer is one that you contacted 6 months ago. It doesn't count unless you've contacted them between 1-Jan-2005 and


If you have any questions please feel free to reply here or send me an email at snipped-for-privacy@fliskits.com

Here's wishing for strong growth in 2005 and a bright future for the hobby of model rocketry!


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How about a PDF packet with any and all information a hobby shop would want so we can print up a "retailer pack" and give t top the hobby shop ???

Chris Taylor

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Chris Taylor Jr


Good idea. In fact I am working one up for our own use and it would be easy enough to post. As soon as I get it done up I will post it on our site (on the retailer page) and let folks here know.


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I finally found the cycles to get this done! Thank you for the suggestion, as it is a good one.

If you go to our pilot program link at:

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(this link is on our main page now)

You will find 4 links near the middle of the page. The first goes to our online catalog (avail in htm and pdf formats) The second goes to a full (5 page) retailer brochure suitable to give to your retailer (this contains a history along with details about our products, packaging, shipping etc) The third goes to a 1 page summary brochure (if you don't want to print up 5 pages) The forth is a link to an area of our web site that contains a wealth of information geared towards the retailer. The retailer can access this information by clicking on the "find a retailer" link on our home page then clicking on the "Retailer Program" button in the top right of

*that* page.

Thank you to all who are helping spread the word about FlisKits.

warm regards, jim

Chris Taylor Jr wrote:

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